Collections Attorney

Creditors have the right to vigorously pursue collection efforts against debtors who fail to repay their debts. At The Turner Law Firm, LLC, we have extensive experience protecting the interests of consumer and commercial lenders.

We represent creditors in collection matters in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico. We are committed to offering the kind of individualized client service that lenders expect from a personalized law firm.

Our clients include:

  • Community associations — As part of our comprehensive real estate practice, we work with community associations trying to collect dues or fines that residents have failed to pay. We help these clients pursue payment of the money they are owed or seek a monetary judgment on their behalf.
  • Real estate lenders and other note holders — We assist property owners and commercial lenders who need to collect on loans and notes. We take a variety of steps, including collection action, liquidation, wage garnishments, and foreclosure, to help our clients collect the money they are owed.
  • Individuals trying to collect on a legal judgment — If you have won a judgment against another person or business entity from a civil claim, breach of contract, or other dispute, you deserve to collect the money you are owed under the law. We help people collect monetary judgments that have been awarded by the court. Other attorneys in New Mexico and neighboring states frequently enlist our help when they have secured a verdict or settlement for a client who is having trouble collecting.

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To learn more about your rights as a creditor, please contact us at 505-226-0286 to arrange a consultation.

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