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Probate is the process through which a person's assets are distributed after his or her death. This process is designed to provide for all creditors under the law, protect all rights of the beneficiaries and heirs, and distribute estate assets fairly and properly.

This process includes opening probate, administering property of the estate, dealing with creditors, distributing property and assets, and closing probate. Each step may involve issues that must be addressed as provided for by law and, if it exists, a will.

At The Turner Law Firm, LLC, we represent heirs, personal representatives, and beneficiaries as they navigate matters of estate administration and probate. We understand the distress facing our clients after the loss of a loved one, and we provide comprehensive, effective services to help them pursue a smooth transfer of assets after such a loss.

Comprehensive Representation In Probate Matters

The probate process consists of several specific steps such as the court appointing a personal representative, notification of all heirs, complete inventory of assets, payment of outstanding taxes or other debts to pay estate expenses, and, finally, distribution of assets, including payment to the heirs as deemed appropriate by the court.

Under certain circumstances, assets may pass outside of probate. Examples may include life insurance policies, retirement plans, and property that is the subject of a Transfer on Death Deed. In some instances, very small estates may avoid probate completely.

When you are tasked with probating an estate, it is wise to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer to ensure that all of these steps are handled properly. We guide our clients through the probate process as effectively and efficiently as possible, always making their best interests a priority.

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