Trust Administration

Once a trust is created, the trustee is responsible for maintaining the trust and making sure it is administered properly. At The Turner Law Firm, LLC, we have successfully guided many trustees in matters of trust administration.

We help people fulfill their responsibilities to a trust by advising them of the relevant law and helping them abide by the trust's terms. This protects the original intent of the trust's creator and helps our clients avoid time-consuming court processes like probate and litigation.

An experienced trust administration attorney can help both beneficiaries and trustees assert their rights and ensure that their financial interests are protected in the administration of a trust. Contact The Turner Law Firm, LLC, at 505-226-0286 for a consultation.

Trust Litigation

When disputes over a trust or its administration escalate, trustees, beneficiaries, and other interested parties can become engaged in litigation. Litigation regarding a trust can become complex and involve significant assets. We frequently represent the interests of trustees whose trust management is being questioned and beneficiaries who have concerns about the actions of a trustee.

At The Turner Law Firm, LLC, we have years of experience providing informed legal advice and dedicated advocacy to individuals and families involved in trust litigation and other estate disputes.

Contact The Turner Law Firm, LLC

To arrange an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer handling trust and estate administration, please contact us online or call our office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 505-226-0286.

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