Want to build a homeowner’s association? Seek the right assistance.

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You started putting together a homeowner’s association (HOA) for your community, but you found that it was hard to manage it. Today, you’d like to start again because you think it’s a good way to help the area look its best to help homeowners invest in their community.

If you want to build a homeowner’s association from the ground up, then you may want to look into local laws and learn more about drafting and reviewing the bylaws that you’d like to use in the community. Your attorney can help you review any bylaws to make sure they’re legal. They can also help you go over conditions and restrictions that you’d like for your HOA properties.

Over time, you may have trouble with new homeowners in the community. They may disagree with certain bylaws or refuse to pay dues. If that happens, you’ll want to discuss your next steps with your attorney. Your attorney can help you with:

  • The ongoing assessment of and consultation with the board of directors
  • Assessment lien enforcement
  • Assessment lien defense
  • Fee collections
  • Seeking court judgments against homeowners
  • Negotiating to get through disputes with homeowners

A homeowner’s association is supposed to be there to protect property values and to hold residents accountable to restrictions in the community. If people disagree, they need to work with the board to come up with a solution. If you are looking to set up an HOA or would like assistance with a dispute, then you may want to turn to someone educated in real estate law in New Mexico. Our website has more on why a homeowner’s association may need legal help.